Ark of Charon

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Jul 9 2024
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Ark of Charon is a strategy / tower defense video game developed by SUNSOFT and angoo, and published by SUNSOFT.


The sacred World Tree has withered, and with it humanity. Now that a new sapling has sprouted, you must become its caretaker and guide it so that life that once was may return.

Ark of Charon is a new type of game that combines colony simulation and tower defense, where players embark on a journey to guide a giant, beast-like sapling of a World Tree to its nursery. Players take on the role of the tree’s caretaker, controlling familiars and turning the tree into a fortified mobile fortress as they progress on their journey.

Key Features

  • Fight Back Against the Monsters – While on your journey, monsters will attack relentlessly. Construct various weapons to combat them.
  • Gather Resources – Before doing anything else, you must gather resources. Instruct your familiars to mine and harvest, collecting the necessary resources.
  • Construct Buildings – Stockpiling items, manufacturing ammunition, and building defenses are essential to protect the sapling. As space atop the sapling is limited, you must construct efficiently in preparation for the journey.
  • Embark on a Journey – Once you are prepared, embark on your journey. Check for what items are obtainable in the next area and carefully choose your destination.
  • Unlock Technology – Unlock the technology once used by the human inhabitants of this world and make use of it on your journey. Occasionally, relics may be found underground, allowing you to create more powerful weapons and facilities.

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