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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 9(2)
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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

2017 Volume 9, Number 2

Table of Contents
1 Cognitions of micro-blog’s information: an experimental study of brain activities Rong Xia et al.
2 CyberPsychology Computation of online shopping behaviorsbased on EEG signal analysis Tian Wang et al.
3 A study of telephone sales method based on SPIN model combined with intelligent speech analysis Tingting Liu et al.
4 Social evaluation of medical and health treatments based on big data analytics Xinshuang Zhao et al.
5 Customer analysis of the securities companies based on modified RFM model and simulation by SOM neural network Juan Cheng, Xiongwei Zhou and Bixuan Fu
6 An empirical study of potential mechanism between social emotions and stock prices in China Jinzhao Wang et al.
7 An empirical study of customer’s usage intention for chauffeured car service provided by mobile apps Ajing Zhan et al.
8 Business process reengineering of optical communication enterprise towards building agile supply chain Dan Xie, Qiaozi Zhao, Xiaoning Yu and Luming Fu
9 Analysis of Allee effects on spatial distribution of software enterprises Zebin Wang, Xiaohua Hu and Hongzhi Hu
10 A comparative study of influencing factors of luxury product’s online shopping intentions between China and Korea Renjiong An et al.
11 Smart manufacturing – expanding the systems approach onto complex networks Hermann Kühnle and Hessamedin Bayanifar
12 The challenge of e-government toward smart society: based on the advance of society and technology Sangki Jin
13 Relationship cultivation strategies in social media: how luxury brand corporations use Facebook Han Jia and Eyun-Jung Ki