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Is serious internet deviance a problem in Indonesian workplace? Yanki Hartijasti

  • Page:96-107
  • 2017-04-26

The internet users in Indonesia have not fully utilized the technologies, as they simply used it for socializing, browsing, and updating in the virtual world.  Hence, the aim of this study is to analyze the level of seriousness employees use internet for personal purposes. Data gathered from 338 respondents from different job levels, age and organization were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The findings of this study indicate more than half of the respondents have spent their working time doing activities on minor and serious internet deviance for at least four to five hours per day. They belong to the age group of 21 - 25 years old  staff level, and work in multinational and private local companies as well as public sector.  The impact of this finding is that if the condition is not managed well, it will jeopardize the employees’ productivity and the entire organizational performance.

Keywords: serious internet deviance, time duration of internet use, employee productivity, Indonesian workplace

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