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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

An exploratory study on avoidance of mobile video ad: role of perceived ad value, ad intrusiveness and motivations to view mobile video Sung-hee Joo

  • Page:78-95
  • 2017-04-26

As watching video on mobile devices is becoming an everyday phenomenon, mobile video market is rapidly growing. For a consistent growth, however, viable business models are a must. Advertising has been an integral part of BMs for the traditional media industries, and is expected to become even more crucial in the mobile era. Since mobile video viewing is a rather recent phenomenon, however, little research has been done regarding mobile video ad, and more specifically, mobile video ad avoidance. Accordingly, this study was set out to identify the potential factors that may affect ad avoidance in the context of mobile video viewing. A hierarchical regression analysis using a nationwide survey data was conducted to examine whether demographic variables, dimensions of perceived ad value (i.e., informativeness, entertainment), perceived ad intrusiveness, motivations for mobile video viewing, and innovativeness predict ad avoidance. The results indicate that age, education, perceived ad informativeness, perceived ad intrusiveness, and convenient entertainment motivation significantly predicted ad avoidance, with perceived ad informativeness, being the most influential factor to influence the user’s ad avoidance level. Results of this study expand the horizon of research tradition on ad avoidance and suggest some practical implications to content providers and advertisers.

Keywords: mobile video ad, ad avoidance, motivations to use mobile video, perceived ad value, perceived ad intrusiveness 

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