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Devastating earthquake in Nepal: victims relief cash transfer through branchless banking Mahesh Maharjan et al.

  • Page:69-77
  • 2017-04-26

Earthquake is a continuous and unpredictable natural process. Because of high magnitude earthquake in Nepal, thousands of people died and millions of personal homes, heritage, schools, etc. are fully and partially damaged.  Millions of people are homeless and are sheltered under temporary arrangement. The victims are provided victim identification card from government level through manual process. The Government of Nepal has announced providing home grant to each victim household. At present, the process of digitization of victim data is very much important and relief cash transfer is crucial so that victim could get sheltered soon. This research paper designs a framework for proper digitization of data, quick and efficient way of relief cash transfer through branchless banking.

Keywords: earthquake, digitization, cash transfer, branchless banking

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