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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 9(2)
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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Exploiting technology intelligence in designing and manufacturing complex product systems Mostafa Safdari Ranjba and Namjae Cho

  • Page:55-68
  • 2017-04-26

Complex product systems (CoPS) involve a certain degree of technological novelty and innovation, so that high level of coordination and collaboration is required in the stages of design, production and implementation. As such, CoPS developers and producers should be capable of managing diverse knowledge, skills and tools. Indeed, making effective and efficient decisions in these areas demand high level of Technology Intelligence. However, most of the past studies related to technology intelligence concentrated on general aspects of technology intelligence at firm level. Furthermore, it is difficult or even impossible to find the study that focused on exploiting technology intelligence in developing complex product systems. In order to fill out this research gap, we examine technology intelligence in designing and manufacturing an Iranian gas turbine (IGT25) as a complex product system, and present some useful findings regarding technology intelligence processes, structure, methods and players.

Keywords: complex product systems, technology intelligence, gas turbine, Iran

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