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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(1)
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The role of storytelling agents and suicidal ideation: South Korean adolescents’ experience Seok Kang and Yongkuk Chung

  • Page:102-122
  • 2017-11-03

The present study is focused on the role of daily communication practices both online and offline in suicidal ideation in South Korean adolescents. From communication infrastructure, social support, and negative interactions perspectives, whether storytelling agents are related to increased or decreased suicidal ideation is examined. Data were collected from 300 high school students from a national respondent panel. The results showed that local media and personal communication (e.g., texting, phone calls) were positive predictors of increased suicidal ideation, whereas family communication decreased it. Negative face-to-face interactions moderated the relationship between personal communication and increased suicide preparation. This study suggests that increased family communication with adolescents can reduce suicidal ideation. Local media campaigns about suicide prevention and information and communication technology (ICT) use for supportive communication may decrease suicidal ideation in South Korean adolescents.

Keywords: communication infrastructure, storytelling agents, suicidal ideation, communication
action context, supportive communication, negative interactions

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