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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(1)
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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Fuzzy design logic for value creation in the digital society Hashemi et al.

  • Page:79-86
  • 2017-11-03

Today ICT has been got inseparable sector of human life and emergence of new forms of communication, large networks of information and communication have become a new social spaces, unlimited spaces that affect relations, and social skills of people. Now digitization influences all aspects of our lives, individuals and communities. Digitization may make our lives better or worse.However, the digitization also has the potential to be involved in community development in the future. Now people are communicating properly with technology, machines, devices, networks and operating systems that deal with them daily. Digital society makes us able to connect anything to our mind. In this article we discuss the importance of understanding the impact of information technology and communications. And the main question of the article is how to create value in the digital society.

Keywords: digital society, value creation, design thinking

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