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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(1)
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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Sharing of telecommunication data in Nepal Pratima Pradhan and Subarna Shakya

  • Page:65-78
  • 2017-11-03

Telecommunication industries have been generating large amount of real time data every second. Based on these data, the subscriber behavior can be easily studied and predicted. Large analytics like disaster analytics, marketing, fraud, governmental, sales, etc. are based on location based information, customer profile and their usage behavior. Nepal is a country which remains to be explored on the informative or business impact by venturing into big data and advanced analytics. Structured and unstructured files generated in the communication industries can be properly drilled and analyzed to generate unseen information and newer revenue. Additionally, most of customer profile is associated with a communication number. Telephone line distribution is governed by proper customer information, which makes it easier to analyze usage behavior based on telephone number. This research explores the readiness of Nepalese telecommunication industries to broadly think on the value of telecom generated data and whether the industries and government institute governing the telecommunication industry are ready to share their telecommunication generated data.

Keywords: telecommunication, data, analytics, readiness

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