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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(1)
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A practical approach for evaluating the software projects based on a request for proposal focusing on non-functional requirements Rezaali Mosayyebi and Homayun Motameni

  • Page:12-19
  • 2017-11-03

Before the beginning of the software development project which is based on contract between software user and developer company, the user company provides a RFP. This term includes project domain current situations and constraints, and all conditions such as desired initial system requirements specification. Also, the documents of developer companies’ capabilities are asked for their proposals to fulfill the requirements and compete with each other. This paper renders an evaluation model of proposals based on functional and nonfunctional requirements(FRs and NFRs). In the meantime, technics and management capabilities of developer company, price and other contract conditions such as ownership agreements are included. The implementation shows effectiveness of the proposed methodology.

Keywords: request for proposal (RFP), non-functional requirement (NFR), quality attributes evaluation, evaluation model

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