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Utilization of command & control solution in smart networks for national monitoring and fire fighting in Iran Jafari Ali and Karimi Mojtaba

  • Page:1-11
  • 2017-11-03

According to the fires that have threatened the country's recent life of natural areas, a system for monitoring, notification and extinguishing the fire was quickly designed and built. This system is generally based on two network segments, smart sensors and communications networks. Scenario is that in certain pilot of natural areas, fire warning information by network sensor system that is finally processed by software algorithms, will be sent to the local command & control center via the communication network. Considering the extent and severity of the event, the center operator with respect to the extent and severity of fire events; will send the coordination of that point into latitude & longitude, provide instructions for forester, command vehicle & the helicopter carrying the water. Fire operations center also monitors the real-time feedback and reports to the headquarter centers.

Keywords: fire monitoring system, Internet of Things, smart sensor, video monitoring camera

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