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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

The challenge of e-government toward smart society: based on the advance of society and technology Sangki Jin

  • Page:157-171
  • 2018-05-02

This paper tries to explain the role in paradigm shift of society toward smart society and its impact on government and politic environment. So this paper designs the analysis framework of e-government advancement with society maturity. This paper assumed e-government can develop by both social and technical advancement and this e- government development also evokes the revisiting impact to technical development and social mutuality. This pattern can be explained by a Korean case study from 1974 to 2016, smart society. As the tasks for the smart society to mature, this paper provides five strategies–transforming into a ‘platform-type government’ for open government operation, utilization of social networks based on creativity and collective intelligence of the private sector, disclosure and sharing of public information, facilitation of smart work, and preparation of measures against the adverse impact of informatization regarding information security and personal information protection.

Keywords: e-government, smart society, new e-government development model

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