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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 9(2)
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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Analysis of Allee effects on spatial distribution of software enterprises Zebin Wang, Xiaohua Hu and Hongzhi Hu

  • Page:118-130
  • 2018-05-02

Software enterprises have been the important components of modern information industry, and play radical promoting roles in social and ecomonic development. Considering the clustering effects of software enterprises, such as benefiting for exchanges of technology and skills, reducing cost through concentrated workforce, and supporting by professional industrial environment, industrial park has been the widely adopted spatial distribution pattern of software enterprises in past practices. However, existing empirical studies argued that the software industrial park made software enterprises gathered homogeneously away from their customers in space, and this situation easily led to the excessive competitions and less efficiency of collaborative innovation with customers. In order to reveal the specialties of software enterprises in their spatial distribution, this article studies the above issue from the perspective of Generalized Ecological Community (GEC). Based on the Allee effect which has been proposed by ecologists and proven in industry analysis, we establish the mathematical model for describing the dynamic development of software enterprises in different spatial distributions, and analyze the factors affecting their survival status. Research findings indicate the underlying ecological laws of software enterprises’ spatial distributions, as well as their evolving characteristics influenced by Allee effect, provide new strategies for the spatial distribution of software enterprises.

Keywords: information industry, software enterprise, spatial distribution, Allee effect, Generalized Ecological Community (GEC)

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