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Business process reengineering of optical communication enterprise towards building agile supply chain Dan Xie, Qiaozi Zhao, Xiaoning Yu and Luming Fu

  • Page:99-117
  • 2018-05-02

The rapid development of modern communications system has contributed to a fast growing market for optical communication products in China during the past decades. As develops fast, China’s optical communication industry enters into a new era full of fierce competition and rapid changes. The industry has a characteristic of powerful downstream market and weak upstream market. Although the downstream market remains steady increase, dynamic demand changes and upgrading technological requirements lead to the situation that production of low-end products springs up without support of advanced chips and components from downstream market to support the innovation. It is mainly due to the lack of independently developed core materials and high technologies, thus we need to reconstruct the current supply chain system to establish an agile mechanism which can bring up the upstream and downstream segments together, and form the application-oriented innovations and productions under coordination from all related parties. Under this situation, this paper analyzes the status of China’s optical communication enterprises, their supply chain structures and operations as well as the competition modes in each segment. In order to build an agile supply chain, optical communication enterprises need not only to reset their own intercompany processes, but also rebuild cross-organizational processes for the whole supply chain with related organizations, which will also result in the reconfiguration of organizational structure. Therefore, this paper discusses the principles and methods of the process reengineering issue from the perspective of how to operate a systemic transformation, and studies the case of an upstream device supplier in China.

Keywords: optical communication enterprises, agile supply chain, process reengineering, organization reconfiguration

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