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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

CyberPsychology Computation of online shopping behaviorsbased on EEG signal analysis Tian Wang et al.

  • Page:14-28
  • 2018-05-02

With the rapid development of e-commerce, customer’s online shopping psychology and behavior analysis has become the important issue for making a successful marketing strategy. Existing researches are mainly based on the methods of external behavior analysis and questionnaire survey, which are lack of deep understanding of the intrinsic neural mechanism leading to the customer’s psychology and behaviors, and are easily affected by all kinds of subjective factors. Therefore, the traditional methods have a lot of limitations to achieve the accurate and reliable analysis results. In this paper, we introduced the concept of CyberPsychology Computation(CPC), and designed an online shopping website to record the customers’ behaviors and their self-reported psychological states as well as the relevant EEG signals. On this basis, we explored the neural mechanism for the CPC according to the AIDA consumer behavior analysis model, and indicated the features of EEG signals which can be used to evaluate the customer’s psychological states in their online shopping behaviors. Research work of this paper provided a new method for analyzing the customers’ online shopping behaviors as well as their psychology from the perspective of NeuroManagement.

Keywords: CyberPsychology Computation(CPC), online shopping behaviors, EEG analysis, NeuroManagement

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