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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Reviewing the barriers and opportunities of the open distance learning in Nepal Pradeep Bastola, Ali Ameen and Chanda Neupane

  • Page:72-81
  • 2019-03-31

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is a general term for the use of telecommunication to provide or enhance learning. As a great alternative to traditional, campus-based classes, distance education allows students to study on a more flexible basis. Nepal is one of the countries that are in urgent need to harness modern technologies to improve the quality of distance education as one of the most urgent solutions to improve the education process. But there are difficulties faced by researchers in this area, especially the scarcity of research. This paper aims to review the barriers and opportunities that assist in harnessing ODL in Nepal. The descriptive analysis methodology has adapted for conducting an intensive academic literature review. It analyze governmental and non- government reports and literature that relates to ODL.


Keywords: open distance learning, web-based technology, information technology, web application.

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