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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Impacts of modern technology in tourism development of Nepal Binita Rijal and Prashanta Babu Neupane

  • Page:49-56
  • 2019-03-31

The federal democratic republic of Nepal is one of the most beautiful conception of nature. In addition to biological treasures and geographical attractions, Nepal boasts a diverse platter of historically established cultures, shrines, and ethnicity. Put it all together and you get a perfect destination for travelers, explorers, tourists and pilgrims. The speedy evolution of technology has had many impacts, positive and negative, in the development of tourism of Nepal. Technology has helped Nepal become recognized to the world in many facets. However, it has also made domestic tourism a little sparse. Technological advancement has actually changed the face of tourism development in Nepal. In this article, we have tried to throw light into what impacts have been brought into tourism and tourism development of Nepal by the modern technology.


Keywords: tourism, modern technology, impacts

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