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Utilization of the Global Positioning System for monitoring critically endangered white rumped vulture and its impact on tourism in Nepal Neupane Chanda

  • Page:39-48
  • 2019-03-31

The purpose of this study is to focusing on vulture conservation monitoring of critical white rumped vulture and it’s impact on tourism, in Nepal research was conducted in Pithauli Jatayu Restaurant from 2016 to 2017. The condition and population of white rumped vulture found in Jatayu Restaurant were taken from field visit and restaurant staff white rumped vulture available all around year. Total number of white rumped vulture is 170-210. 30 active nests were productive of white rumped vultures. Different kinds of awareness programme were lunched specially focused on local people of the Pithauli area. Newspaper articles and news were written broadcast highlighting the vulture conservation in that area. Primary as well as secondary information was collected and analyzed for the study. Available literature documents, books, websites and articles were reviewed to gather secondary information. The cause of vulture decline has found to be veterinary diclofenac use to treat livestock. But the food feeding vulture is free from diclofenac use to treat livestock. But the food feed vulture is free from diclofenac and safe for vultures. The conservation has been found a successfully to increase vulture population. Nawalparasi district was declare as Diclofenac free district. In the most recent year, the technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has been dramatically increasing. The working/operation of GPS is based on the 'trilateration' mathematical principle. The position is determined from the distance measurements to satellites. The GPS receiver takes the information from the satellite and uses the method of triangulation to determine a user's exact position.

Keywords: GPS, vulture (white rumped ), monitoring, awareness, conservation, tourism,  Jatayu Restaurant

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