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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

e-HRM and employee engagement : a hierarchical study in Indian IT industry Monica Chauhan Bhadoriya and Manoj Patwardhan

  • Page:1-18
  • 2019-05-02

Electronic Human Resource Management or e-HRM is the involvement of electronic media and information technology (IT) to help mankind in managing human resource management (HRM). This research employs a detailed literature review to identify the drivers of e-HRM in Indian IT industry and finds out whether e-HRM and its determinants are able to classify the level of engagement among the employees of Indian IT Industry. This study is important as to the best of the authors’ knowledge, not much study has been done in India in this field.
This research uses the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and Multiple Discriminant Analysis (MDA) for analysis. The findings would be important for software companies in assisting them to implement e-HRM effectively and thus to explore the level of employee engagement. The results would also be beneficial to the society by large as using the e-HRM effectively would increase the level of employee engagement and job satisfaction. In addition, the results would be able to help researchers by providing the basis to understand the impact of e-HRM on IT industry.

Keywords: e-HRM, employee engagement, IT industry, CFA, discriminant analysis, MDA

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