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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 10(2)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Securing the National Growth Power with the Fourth Industrial Revolution Sangki Jin

  • Page:44-57
  • 2019-05-02

This study summarizes the viewpoints of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In many ways, this study emphasized the need to adopt the concept of Choi in policymaking by emphasizing technology-social innovation and human-centered social orientation, and further emphasized the technology-based innovation that actively utilizes technology to solve social and economic problems. Based on this concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it presented the problems facing our economy and industry recently, the lack of responsiveness to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the lack of an inter-industrial convergence economy, and the lack of ability to respond to government and legislation. To solve these problems, the research team worked together with the public on the basis of science and technology-based social innovation strategies, which are used as drivers for solving social challenges, and the public and private sector to strengthen the platform-type future response system. In order to implement such policies, the government proposed reform of regulations on barriers to entry into the market by implementing an open platform state management system through enhanced government coordination. We also presented the need to develop a 4th Industrial Revolution response level diagnostic model for diagnosing the level of response to the 4th Industrial Revolution and supporting education consulting to enhance capacity as a policy agenda. This study presents a comprehensive definition of the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it can be seen as a suggestion of how the government should change its response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the need to assess the level of industrial site.

Keywords: the 4th Industrial Revolution, Industrial Renaissance Strategy, intelligent information technology

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