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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 11(1)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 11(1)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Changing roles of information and communication technologies in India Rajesh K. Jain and Yashowardhan Sowale

  • Page:111-125
  • 2019-11-04

Information and communication technology (ICT) is encompassing all the areas of commercial activities and government–citizen interactions. ICT is an important contributor to the economic development, human welfare and there are various agencies and organizations monitoring andmeasuring statistical impact of ICT. This white paper aims to categorize positive impact of ICT in terms of productivity and growth in the developing countries such as India. Developing countries like India suffer from digital divide and ICT helps to overcome that divide. Digital divide creates artificial classes in the rich and the poor and even creates classes in the masses. This white paper discusses impact of ICT on India, what empowerments and enablement are needed and what opportunities lie ahead for India. This white paper takes cognizance of current initiatives and how government, industry, organizations and citizens need to work cohesively and push for maximum utilization of ICT to boost benefits of new technologies to all the strata of the society.

Keywords: India, economic development, ICT, e-Government, e-Governance, artificial intelligence,
big data, machine learning, analytics, IoT

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