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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 11(1)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 11(1)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Comparison of cinema tourism organizations in Japan and South Korea Naohisa Kakutani

  • Page:14-21
  • 2019-11-04

While governments are implementing new policies for attracting tourists, the emergence of the cinema tourism industry is gaining wide attention. Cinema tourism is defined as a type of tourism in which people visit locations they have seen in films and television series. Cinema tourism has developed into a comprehensive industry that includes promotion of filming locations as tourist attractions. Governments are working out their own strategies for attracting inbound tourists in particular. This study investigates the organizations that take part in the development of cinema tourismrelated strategies for attracting inboud tourists in Japan and South Korea, and the organizations that are involved in implementing these policies. Upon closer analysis, it has become apparent that cooperation of organizations in charge of policies regarding tourism and movies, inbound tourists, movies, and filming locations is of uttermost importance. Nevertheless, findings indicate Japan currently lacks organizations in charge of movies.

Keywords: cinema tourism, inbound tourists, tourism policy, comparison of Japan and South Korea, policy-making process

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