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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 12(1)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 12(1)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

2020 Volume 12, Number 1

Table of Contents
1 Analyzing virtual reality glasses acceptance: an empirical study in Taiwan Liangchuan Wu and Tsung-Han Yang
2 Understanding the determinants of consumer impulse buying on online group buying websites in Taiwan: S-O-R approach Serhan Demirci et al.
3 Factors affecting repatronage intention of cashierless stores in Taiwan Jui-Chun Chai and Hui-Chen Chang
4 Utilization of Delphi method and analytic hierarchy process to conduct key factors of viral marketing to Taiwan’s sports industry Chia Huei Hsiao and Shih Teng Chiu
5 Machine learning applications for learning early warning system in Taiwan Jyh-Jiuan Lin et al.
6 An application of the UTAUT2 model for understanding user intention adopting Google Chromecast in Taiwan Liangchuan Wu and Yi-Fan Wu
7 A study of ICT for leader-member exchange that facilitates employee’s innovative behavior: a moderated mediation analysis in the Taiwanese service industry Hsin-Yu Chen et al.
8 A novel method of fuzzy topic modeling based on transformer processing Ching-Hsun Tseng et al.
9 The relationship between YouTube use and perceptions of social problems caused by fake news and deepfake in South Korea Seok Kang
10 Patent implemented time series algorithm for building stock portfolios in China A-shares Yu-Jing Chiu et al.