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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 11(1)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 11(1)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

2019 Volume 11, Number 1

Table of Contents
1 Strategy for revitalizing the cruise tourism industry of Okinawa prefecture Young-kyung Park
2 Comparison of cinema tourism organizations in Japan and South Korea Naohisa Kakutani
3 The distribution structure of tour products in the inbound travel industry Sang Jun Kim
4 The relationship between destination brand experience and brand trust: difference by travel information search type Sangjeon Lee
5 Virtual reality application case illustrations: usability in tourism Garcia-Hernandez, Miyagi and Kranzlmuller
6 A discussion of ICT for staff education that facilitates employees’ autonomy: a case in the Japanese service industry Ayami Oshima and Tomonori Oshima
7 Open services innovation through an app to assist “Sport for All” Yasunobu Iwasaki
8 Why is Japan’s e-Government inefficient? Comparison of legal factors in the early stage between Japan and Korea Sungbin Ha
9 The effect of the lead time for providing financial statements on profitability in Japan Kenji Yasukata
10 How Chinese newspapers seek safe ground in framing “haze” Minghui Fan
11 Changing roles of information and communication technologies in India Rajesh K. Jain and Yashowardhan Sowale
12 An empirical study of pay TV competition with bundled services in Korea Yusun Hwang