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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 12(1)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 12(1)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

An empirical study on elderly lifestyle segmentation Nichamon Sithiponporn and Achara Chandrachai

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  • 2020-04-14
An aging society has become one of the most significant social transformations. A new
generation of older people, baby boomers, will shortly become the main segment of an
aging society. The new elder generation has different characteristics from the past,
reflecting their identity and lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the need from
the aging population of baby boomers. This research aims to segment the elderly lifestyle,
responding to the changes caused by the recent trends of an aging society, and baby
boomers entering their senior years in Thailand. The research focuses on elderly people
living in an urban area, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The lifestyle segmentation
uses psychographic factors questions regarding activity, interest, and opinion statements.
The tools for segmentation were both factor analysis and clustering assignment. Results
show six distinct lifestyle segments: sociable, healthy living, homemaker, self-reliant,
modernism, and introvert.

Keywords: aging society, elder, baby boomer, lifestyle, lifestyle segmentation
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