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Asian Journal of Information and Communications 12(1)
Asian Journal of Information and Communications 12(1)

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Asian Journal of Information and Communications

Elderly self-care and their perception of healthcare technology use Warangkhana Ngakoopatipat et al.

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  • 2020-04-14
One of the critical factors in promoting self-care and changes in health behavior among the
elderly is to digitize personal health information so that it is readily available to all parties
involved when needed, especially for health promotion purposes. This study identifies
factors influencing the elderly’s perception of the use of health-related technology to record
health data digitally. The factors are drawn from the personality pattern of aging, nostalgia,
elderly self-care behavior, and the perception of healthcare technology and their health
record behavior literature. The integration of both the social perspective and technological
research serves as a foundation for technological development in the digital health industry
in order to develop an effective health promotion strategy. A total of 430 useable responses
were obtained from two types of surveys − 341 paper-based surveys and 89 via Googleform.
The samples were purposively chosen to cover the elderly participating in various
social and health-related activities. Three groups of the elderly, defined as young-old (60-
69 years), old-old (70-79 years), and oldest-old (80 years), are used to present all
descriptive statistics. Results show that the majority of respondents are young-old females,
have lower than a bachelor’s degree, do not work, live with 3-4 family members, and
receive less than 10,000 baht of monthly income from family support. They acquire health
information technology, health record, and are willing to share their health data. Their
personality pattern in aging consists of low social roles or interactions and medium life
satisfaction, which is classified as an armored-defended (constricted) person. These elderly
people have moderate nostalgia, but they are studious in health promotion behaviors. They
approve of health information technology usage at a moderate to high level. Perception and
use of health information technology relate highly to both the importance of and satisfaction
with social roles, nostalgia, and health promotion behavior. Elderly perception of overall
life satisfaction relates only slightly to their overall level of health assessment.

Keywords: older adults, patterns of aging, social roles, overall life satisfaction, nostalgia,
elderly self-care, healthcare technology, personal health record (PHR)
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