Spin Rhythm XD

Release Dates
(PC) Early Access
Oct 22 2019
(PC) Worldwide
Mar 14 2023
(Switch) Worldwide
Oct 26 2023
(PS5, PS4, PS VR2) Worldwide
Jul 9 2024

Spin Rhythm XD is a rhythm action video game developed and published by Super Spin Digital.


Enter the Rhythm Dimension. Spin Rhythm XD is a homage to classic arcade rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution with a modern aesthetic and soundtrack. Match colors and beats, and spin, tap, flick, and flow through the juiciest beats in the universe. Supports multiple control styles including MIDI DJ gear!

Key Features

  • Take Controls – Spin, flick and tap to match colors and beats. Spin Rhythm‘s smooth controls work seamlessly across multiple devices including mouse and keyboard, gamepads and even real MIDI DJ turntables (touch-sensitive jogs recommended).
  • Master – Precise, hand-made levels across 5 difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and the brutal XD difficulty).
  • Music – 60 licensed tracks of the juiciest beats in the known universe from Nitro Fun, Au5, Moe Shop, Hyper Potions, Camellia, Anamanaguchi, Panda Eyes, Teminite, Anomalie, Tut Tut Child, Pegboard Nerds, Tristam, Maxo, Tokyo Machine, Rogue, 2Mello, and more.
  • Customize – Beat your high scores and level up to unlock wheel skins, user interface skins, and more.
  • Create – Custom levels to your favorite tunes using our fully-featured level editor.
  • Enjoy – Comprehensive accessibility features including custom colors, track speeds, low impact visuals, and more.
  • Compete – Hone your skills and work your way to the top of the global leaderboards!

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